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EcoClean, together with another environmentally friendly company EcoArt, is a part of EcoLife project, which is dedicated to nature conservation in the Gulf countries, many of which have committed to environmental protection on the state level. It keeps people updated on the latest ecological news and aims to change the attitude of the masses to environmental protection.

EcoArt is passionate about the environment and committed to a healthy lifestyle. The company strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible and its goal is to bring green and healthy conditions to the interior of their clients.

EcoArt offers unique moss pictures that can be placed in every environment. The products the company produces stand out because of its quality and modernity. Every picture of moss plant is being made with love. All the pictures are authorship, custom designed and can be made by individual wishes.

Cleaning your mattress twice a year not only promotes better sleep, but takes care of the sweat, dust mites and allergens that build up over time, not to mention it helps prevent pest infestations.

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