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Water Tank Cleaning

We know, water is the most important liquid to sustain life on this planet. We use water in every sphere of life like drinking, bathing etc. So, it becomes more important to store this water in a clean and hygienic environment. We offer full-service packages for all types of water storage tanks, including heavy or light duty cleaning and sterilization. Our team of experts will make sure your tank is cleaned and ensure that your family is being provided with safe and clean water. Our staff is highly trained to provide the best cleaning services keeping in mind the safety and environmental aspects of the work. We received an approval from the Dubai municipality as well as certificates for working with kind of chemicals. Also, we offer our customers a contract binding us to keep track of the dates of the repeated cleaning of the water tank, strictly observing all the requirements for this process. According to municipality's standards a water tank in residential premises must be cleaned at least every 6 months, and not less than 4 times a year in institutions attended by children, such as schools and kindergarten.

Our stage of cleaning process has been developed through research and development, which are safe, effective and Eco-friendly.

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